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The next generation of Jamstack performance is… less JS!

Starts on 22:10 UTC and is 20 minutes.

Page load performance directly impacts bottom line, and with Google's ranking algorithm rolling out Core Web Vitals, performance is now more critical than ever. However, the current generation of frameworks—including the most-used static site generators of today—have inherent limitations preventing optimal performance. There is now a resurgence of activity in new frameworks (and features for existing frameworks) focused on delivering maximum performance. In this talk, we'll examine what limits modern frameworks, how the next wave of approaches work, and what this all means for the future of Jamstack.


Yang Zhang
Yang Zhang

Yang is a co-founder of Plasmic, a page builder and visual CMS that plugs into any website codebase and lets teams move incredibly fast. He has an unhealthy obsession with the web and performance, and in a past life was an engineer and computer scientist at Google, Microsoft, and MIT.