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Learn With Jason!

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Now scheduled for Oct 25 and 27.

In a series of 5 live pair programming sessions, Jason and experts from around the Jamstack ecosystem will build a fully functioning swag site.

Learn how Shopify, Algolia, Sentry, Twilio, and FaunaDB combine to build extremely powerful Jamstack apps!

Once the app is complete you can purchase a limited event swag pack with an attendee discount.

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The Jammies Awards recognize individuals, companies, projects, and initiatives that are pushing forward the modern web and Jamstack ecosystem.

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Jamstack Conf organizers are dedicated to providing a safe, inclusive and harassment-free environment for our conference attendees. Diversity of background, experience, & culture add to the growth of our community by adding new and fresh perspectives. Please review our code of conduct and be ready to participate in a productive and fun event. See you online!

This event will be human live-captioned. Have questions about event accessibility? Please email events@jamstack.org to discuss any access questions.

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