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How migrating my tool to Jamstack made me a better open source denizen

Starts on 19:50 UTC and is 20 minutes.

Come learn how migrating neutrality.wtf from hackathon-php to Jamstack architecture empowered me to decouple the behavior and create a microservice that utilizes a generalized npm package that makes the tool more maintainable, easily upgraded, and available for others to use in other contexts.


Moriel Schottlender
Moriel Schottlender
Wikimedia Foundation
Principal Systems Architect

Moriel is a physicist turned software engineer turned systems architect, currently working on modernizing Wikipedia’s architecture. She’s an Open Source enthusiast, Jamstack convert, right-to-left language support evangelist, and a general domain hoarder. You can find her as @mooeypoo on Twitter and Polywork, or at moriel.tech