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“Synthless” Jams With Your Friends

Starts on 22:10 UTC and is 20 minutes.

If “serverless” is just other people’s servers, then synthless must mean other people’s synthesizers 😂

Let’s put the jam in Jamstack by remotely controlling some hardware synthesizers using WebRTC and Web MIDI.

With just a Vue front-end deployed on Netlify and a single-third party API (daily-js), we'll create a live interactive demo which allows people to collaboratively create music. It demonstrates the power of modern browser APIs, specifically WebRTC and Web MIDI. With just these tools, we can create a multi-user, real-time, collaborative experience.


Phil Miller
Phil Miller
Sr. Engineer, DevRel

Phil has spent a lot of time building teams and software, as well as writing things to help other teams build better software. He is currently a DevRel Engineer at Daily. When he's not writing docs, blogs, or demos, you can find him in his home studio pretending to be a musician.