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Speeding up Singapore’s COVID-19 response with the Jamstack

Starts on 21:45 UTC and is 20 minutes.

As the COVID-19 pandemic unfurled, governments scrambled to communicate their policy responses to their citizens and businesses through new COVID-19 response websites. In this mission-critical environment, the Singapore government used their Jamstack solution, Isomer, to reduce the time spent on creating new websites from weeks or months to days. Learn more about how Isomer leverages the Jamstack to power an increasing number of websites for the Singapore government.

The Jamstack allowed us to offload most of the infrastructural complexity to reputable 3rd parties (such as Netlify, GitHub, Cloudflare, and KeyCDN) so that we could focus on building reusable site templates for government websites. This allowed us to prototype and iterate more rapidly to improve our product. It also means that we can easily serve hundreds of government website admins with a small team of just 6 people.


Kwa Jie Hao
Kwa Jie Hao
Open Government Products
Software Engineer

Kwa Jie Hao is a software engineer for public good at Open Government Products, an experimental unit part of the Singapore Government Technology Agency (GovTech).