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Jamstack Is Eating The World

Starts on 19:50 UTC and is 20 minutes.

The Jamstack Community Survey has had over 10,000 respondents over 2 years, and this rich data set can teach us a lot about the state of the art and best practices in our own community. We'll see how the Jamstack architecture is growing, both in users and in capability, to become the default way websites are built and deployed, and what tools, languages, frameworks and APIs are the most popular in the community.


Laurie Voss
Laurie Voss
Senior Data Analyst

I'm Laurie Voss. I've been a web developer since 1996, with occasional breaks to found companies like awe.sm (2010) and npm (2014). I like making websites, and I like making the web bigger and better. I think one of the best ways to do that is to encourage more people to do web development, by teaching them existing techniques and by building tools and services that make web development easier, so they don't have to learn so much.