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Building with Fauna

Starts on 17:45 UTC and is 60 minutes.

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Jason Lengstorf
Jason Lengstorf
VP of Developer Experience

Jason Lengstorf is a VP of Developer Experience at Netlify and the host of Learn With Jason, a live-streamed video show where he pairs with people in the community to learn something new in 90 minutes. He’s passionate about building healthy, efficient teams and systems, and he’s done his best to positively influence the community, leadership, and technical health of open source and companies including Gatsby and IBM. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

Rob Sutter
Rob Sutter
Head of Developer Advocacy

Rob, Head of Developer Advocacy at Fauna, has woven application development into his entire career, from time in the U.S. Army and U.S. Government to stints with the Big Four and Amazon Web Services. He has started his own company – twice – once providing consulting services and most recently with WorkFone, a SaaS startup providing virtual digital identities. Rob loves to build in public with cloud architectures, Node.js or Go, and all things serverless!