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Build with SvelteKit and GraphQL

Starts on 16:00 UTC and is 4 hours.

Instructor: Scott Spence

Have you ever thought about building something that doesn't require a lot of boilerplate with a tiny bundle size? In this workshop, Scott Spence will go from hello world to covering routing and using endpoints in SvelteKit. You'll set up a backend GraphQL API then use GraphQL queries with SvelteKit to display the GraphQL API data. You'll build a fast secure project that uses SvelteKit's features, then deploy it as a fully static site. This course is for the Svelte curious who haven't had extensive experience with SvelteKit and want a deeper understanding of how to use it in practical applications.

Scott Spence
Scott Spence
Developer Advocate

Developer Advocate at GraphCMS based in Kent, UK. He has over ten years of previous experience working for large corporate organizations in the finance and insurance sector as a VBA developer. Second career dev started out as a web developer in 2018 working in government digital transformation. (not sure what government digital transformation is, maybe ask him that) First job as a web dev, was only there for 6 months, can talk about it briefly. On the side, he loves working with Svelte and enjoys begrudgingly going running. Listening to Drum and Bass on Spotify Deezer.