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Building Modern Websites with GatsbyJS

Starts on 16:00 UTC and is 4 hours.

Instructor: Monica Powell

In this workshop, Monica Powell will cover the fundamentals of quickly developing a site with Gatsby, a React framework, and dive deep into the building blocks you’ll need to build your own custom Gatsby sites. After completing a mix of lectures and exercises you’ll be able to build and deploy a Gatsby site from the ground up. In particular, you’ll learn the ins and outs of creating Gatsby sites, from selecting a starter or theme, using GraphQL to manage site data, making Markdown content interactive with MDX, deploying your site, and more! This workshop is for JavaScript developers who haven’t had extensive experience with Gatsby and want a deeper understanding of Gatsby.

Monica Powell
Monica Powell
Software Engineer

Monica Powell is a software engineer who is passionate about making contributing to open-source more approachable , creating technology to elevate people, and building community. You can find her building educational technology as a software engineer at Newsela, teaching web development , contributing to open-source projects and tending to React Ladies, a community she founded for women and non-binary React developers. In 2020, she was selected by GitHub to be an inaugural GitHub Star 🌟 based on her involvement in the tech community.